The Chang Lien-Cheng Saxophone Museum is divided into four major exhibition halls.

01.The Chang Lien-Cheng Saxophone Museum
02.The Sightseeing Factory
03.The Knowledge& Experience Hall
04.The Concert Hall
Subdivided into 16 exhibition areas, visitors are welcome to tour them freely.
Group visit reservations are available which includes DIY activities, video showings and a guided tour of both the museum andthe factory assembly line.
  • Usable space:4,000 square meters
  • Parking lot:accommodates more than 30 small passenger cars
  • Restrooms:5 male toilets, 7 female toilets, 1 accessible toilet
  • Address:330-1, Gong-An Road, Houli District, Taichung City
  • Nearby locations:300 meters from the No.1 National Freeway, 3 kilometers from the No.3 National Freeway, 200 feet from Yue-Mei sugar factory, 2 kilometers from Li-Bao Amusement Park andFu-Rong Hotel

The museum provides detailed explanations about the Taiwanese saxophone industry. This includes the story of Chang Lien-Cheng, the development of the Saxophone industry in Houli, the display of cultural relics, the origin of the Saxophone (from Belgium), explanation of the production process, different types of saxophones and any related knowledge. By visiting this museum, visitors can gain a better understanding on this industry’s origin and have a deeper appreciation for the saxophone when taken on this cultural journey.