The most important aspect to making a saxophone is material selection and quality craftsmanship. At the present, saxophones produced both domestically and internationally utilize different proportions of copper alloy to produce different tones and resonance. In the material development aspect, we have collaborated with the Industrial Research Institute to research the production of saxophone parts (key cups, key posts, rods, etc.) using high-tech carbon fiber composite materials, resulting in a lighter saxophone without compromising its tone. This new design and development is a major breakthrough for the saxophone industry because it allows for smoother key actions and improvements in ergonomics.

  • KeyB
  • RangeLowB to HighF#
  • Body tubingSpecial Copper Alloy
  • FinishesGolden-Plated


More Stable Intonation

To improve C# key tone hole, enables more stable intonation. Saxophone intonation better address executants get rid of the barriers when playing the high pitch, in order to make players comfortable playing the excellent sound.

C#-Bb Table Key Linkages

The linkage between the C# and Bb table keys, which facilitates fingering faster and smoother.

Natural Pearl Shell Key Button
Nature pearl shell key button afford the fingers a more comfortable fit and feel.

Metal Thumb Hook & Rest

The metal thumb hook and rest allows for smoother response and improved tonal balance.


Pisoni Sealed, Waterproof Pads
Airtight pads facilitate balanced, leak-free play while quality waterproofing extends pad service life.

Blued-Steel Needle Springs
Blued-steel needle springs are more elastic than the stainless-steel variety, offer faster action and render a better command of difficult passages.

Tri-Point Brace

The tri-point bell-bow brace ensures structural stability and rigidity and enhances resonance even at fortissimo levels.

Custom Hand Engraving

Custom engraving can be added to the saxophone. There are floral patterns or art deco on the body.