The founding father of the saxophone in Taiwan.

At the age of 73 was an artist with an burning passion for music.
In 1940 he utilized his skills as a traditional Chinese painter, and taught himself the principles on the construction of the saxophone. He was very meticulous, and was able to accurately draw the blueprints for the four hundred plus individual parts that constructs the saxophone. With a relentless spirit and without a master to guide him he was able to construct and build the first saxophone that was made in Taiwan. He was born to a family of peasants in Houli and began his focus on the research and development of musical instruments shortly after. World War Two at the age of twenty-nine. At the age of thirty-two he successfully constructed his first saxophone and thus began the legacy of saxophone making in Taiwan. Mr. Chang Lien Cheng taught his unique skills and shared his experiences with hundreds of apprentices which promoted the development of the saxophone industry in Houli, a place where he had devoted every ounce of his heart and soul.